Anthea Skincare is part Wild Herbology / part Greek Mythology.

I was raised in the central Rocky Mountains of Idaho and learned early on how to identify and utilize the many healing plants my beautiful home has to offer.

When I was a child my grandfather, who grew up in Greece, told me mythical tales of Greek Goddesses and Gods. Their use of botanicals and honey to enchant, heal and retain youthful beauty always fascinated me. I was especially drawn to Demeter, goddess of the harvest, from whom my last name is derived.

When I founded my company in 2013, I chose the name Anthea – which means “flower blossom” in Greek – to intertwine my inspirations.

I use flowers, herbs, beeswax and honey I cultivate myself and native plants I wild harvest to create each formula. I blend these botanicals with an ethically sourced selection of fine, organic oils.

Anthea Skincare is a luxe line of products for people seeking pure, natural beauty.

Anna Demetriades – Creator | Crafter


PO Box 1977 | Boise, ID 83701