New Local-Infused Botanical Skincare Line Launches from Boise Garden

For immediate press release: April 28, 2015

(BOISE, IDAHO)   With the multi-hued blooms of fragrant roses from her backyard garden steeping in a hand-forged copper distiller, Anna Demetriades comes across as something of a wild alchemist while at work in her Boise bench headquarters. Anthea—her new luxe botanical skincare line now available at the Boise Co-Op, Sage Yoga & Wellness, Piece Unique & Shoez, Zenergy in Boise and online at—launched this spring to showcase the all-over benefits of local-infused talent and plant life. 

Demetriades and her husband own the quarter-acre garden and homestead on the Boise Bench called Bounding Hound Farm, where they raise many of the plants, herbs and flowers she uses to hand craft essential oils and hydrosols, which she then blends with organic carrier oils, and beeswax and honey from her own hives. 

With exclusive products—from a Balance Serum for the face to a Rose or Sage Simple Cream and Vanilla Healing Cream for the hands and body—a growing number of fans are finding dramatic skincare improvements come from artisanal small-batch, wild-harvested, farm-grown and Idaho-based infusions.

“It started in McCall, where I grew up, and a love for what you could find in nature, like sagebrush and wild rose,” Demetriades notes. “When my mom, Thea, started making essential oils and hydrosols several years ago, I was immediately fascinated. In distilling a fresh botanical from the forest or garden—a process that’s been around for thousands of years—steam and patience transform the plant into a pure oil or hydrosol—full of potential. Take sagebrush, for example. It’s a uniquely Western shrub, and does so much for your skin and senses, from healing to rejuvenation.”

When her mom could no longer keep up with the budding customer base for the skincare products she made in her McCall kitchen, Thea first brought her daughter on as an apprentice, then eventually gave Anna the business as a wedding present. She immediately applied her inborn passion for plant life into products exploring a wider range of ingredients and infusions. 

Anthea now offers a remarkable selection of solutions made for all-over care and rejuvenation of every skin type and part of the body. Rare in purity and repairing botanical properties, the line is already garnering rave reviews for real reasons. 

"Being an esthetician while having acne as an adult was one of the most embarrassing things to deal with. I spend my day giving skincare advice, but didn't know how to treat my own skin,” says Ashley VanDeGrift, an esthetician and health & beauty consultant at the Boise Co-Op. “Anthea's Balance Serum is the only thing that's worked for me. It not only helped clear up my breakouts, it healed my skin as well – no more discoloration from previous breakouts. This product is my first recommendation for anyone looking for an answer to their skin care needs!”

The skincare line was originally named Artemisia, after the scientific name for sagebrush—the key botanical in Sage Simple Cream and the first product Anna and Thea made together. As the company expanded, Anna sought a name more broadly representative of her work. “Anthea” means “flower blossom” in Greek. The new brand name also stems from a fusion of first names of the mom and daughter creators—Anna and Thea. In the symbolic Anthea logo, a color-shifting triangle nods to the Greek delta of Demetriades’ last name, crossed by a sage bough, to keep the origin story front and center on every package and shelf.

Look for new additions to the Anthea skincare line later this summer at and buy in store at the Boise Co-Op, Piece Unique & Shoez, Sage Yoga & Wellness, Zenergy in Boise and more boutique locations soon. 


Press Contact:
Anna Demetriades