"I have a nickname for the Balance Serum: orange silk. It feels like silk going on, and makes your skin look the same way. I have acne, and use benzoyl peroxide products that dry out my sensitive skin, but the Balance Serum brings me right back to a healthy glow, without any greasy residue. It tends to even out the color (less redness) and texture of my skin too, and make-up even looks better and is easier to put on." – Jessica Holmes (Boise, ID)

“I was given a sample of Rose Simple Cream and the first time I used it I was in love! The smooth application is not only extremely emollient, it also has a lustrous finish. The perfect blend of rose oils in this dream cream is my morning and evening aromatherapy as well...but I must confess, it has become a more than twice a day ritual. I used Weleda Skin Food for 12 years...not anymore! Rose Simple Cream is now that only moisturizer in my cabinet. Thank you, Anthea!” – Hazel Cox (Portland, OR)

“I love the Sage Simple Cream and find that it soothes my dry skin and maintains moisture deep within the skin, without a greasy feel. The scent has a light note, as if I brushed against a sagebrush out on the trail, leaving a gentle essence to linger. It is naturally gluten-free, all natural ingredients, and locally made by a lovely and mindful yogini. I’m a big fan of this high quality product!” – Lori Tindall (Boise, ID)

“Boise's high altitude desert climate give me ultra dry skin. Before I found Anthea's Balance Serum, nothing gave me the all-day nourishment my skin needed.  Balance Serum is now my go-to, must-have daily moisturizer, that gives my face a radiant glow all day long.

I also use Anthea’s Healing Lip Balm – it keeps my lips smooth, supple and chap-free and goes on smooth and clean for lasting moisturizing all day. I won't leave the house without it!” – Marisa Smith Weppner (Boise, ID)

"Sage Simple Cream is simply the best! I love the natural ingredients. I know that there is nothing in this luxurious cream that my body doesn't want. I use it every morning, just out of the shower. It makes my skin feel soft and silky. Plus, when I wear it the sage scent reminds me of the beauty of Idaho's great sagebrush desert. Anna is a wonderful creator and purveyor of fine body products." – Aimee Baron Moran (Boise, ID)

"Halcyon Day Cream is amazing! My sensitive skin suffers in Winter and at the change of season. The cream however hydrated the dry areas and did not make other areas oily. What fine lines?! I can't see them. The lovely Chamomile scent is just right too. Halcyon Day cream is my new favorite!!!" – Caitlyn Davies (Boise, ID)

"I love, love the Resilience Day Cream! I've been using it exclusively and see my skin being softer, more hydrated and feeling great! I've had some nice compliments (unsolicited) too. I'm a true fan!" – Cathy Smith (Boise, ID)

"Wow! What can I say!?! The Balance Day Cream is an amazing formula that will give you results! I use this along with my normal go-to facial wash and toner. I also use the Balance Serum and Elderberry Night Cream. I am closer to 50 than 40 and my skin needed a miracle. Anthea formulas are miraculous!" – Nancy Hambleton (Boise, ID)

"I love the Vanilla Healing Cream! I have always had a bad issue with psoriasis and was always embarrassed to be out in public. I have used every over the counter cream possible, I have also had prescribed creams from the doctor. Nothing seemed to help for very long.

Since I started using this cream, I have noticed that my elbows and knees are so much clearer – I haven't had any itching symptoms. The skin is softer, moist all the time, and my psoriasis isn't as noticeable. I use the cream three times a day and I honestly call it the miracle cream! As long as the cream is made I will continue to buy it. Thank you so much Anna!" – Robin Jackson (Nampa, ID)

"The Rose Simple Cream is my face and body's best friend forever and ever! If you too are blessed with uber sensitive combination skin, like so many of us 30 something ladies are, try this!" – Katherine Williams (Big Sur, CA)

"Thank you so much for the Rose Simple Cream! I have such a hard time finding one that works well for my skin. Bless you!" – Meghan Louttit (New York, NY)

"Milky, deliciously subtle scent, I'd eat the Rose Simple Cream if I could. My dry skin drinks it up, calming me inside and out. Beautiful to look at and a treat to apply. And with just a handful of ingredients, most of which are organic or locally cultivated, and all with descriptions of what they do for a body, I feel good about using it. Thanks for making this, Anna!" – Heidi Kraay (Boise, ID)